OUr approach






Our principals have been advisors to some of the most complex and prominent families across the U.S. Our broad experience navigating the capital markets alongside these families enables us to provide superior advice and quickly address areas of concern.


Over the last two decades, our team has cultivated relationships with the top investment firms across the globe. This enables us to provide unique and proprietary investment access in both the public and private capital markets to our partner families.


Our ownership includes 14 prominent families, all of whom have broad exclusive investment access and diverse operating company experience that is unmatched by our peers.  Our Board of Advisors has significant experience investing for and operating large family offices and endowments.


Innovative and proprietary consolidated reporting tools provide families with enhanced wealth planning, risk analytics, liquidity management and cash flow analysis.

Our approach to portfolio construction

We are long-term, top-down institutional quality investors. We focus on your investment objectives and structure of overall portfolio to define manager selection.

We have institutional quality relationships, advanced technology platforms, and experienced partners giving us access to best in class investment opportunities.

Our Entrepreneurial Endowment Model™ provides an investment strategy that has consistently produced superior returns vs. the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

We seek long-term relative outperformance through active management and selective investing to align with the family’s legacy plan.

Entrepreneurial Endowment Model™

Our Entrepreneurial Endowment Model™ provides our families with access to the same institutional quality investment strategy that the largest, most prominent endowments have used successfully over the course of several market cycles.

Direct Investments




Liquid Assets


Each family is unique and is customized accordingly.
The model above represents target allocation ranges for our families.