We foster a vibrant ecosystem among our partner families, team, and advisory board to generate best-in-class investment themes and empower our partner families to attain their desired financial legacy.

Why Legacy Knight


Our principals have been advisors to some of the most complex and prominent families across the U.S. Our broad experience navigating the capital markets alongside the needs of these families enables us to quickly address areas of concern and provides access to unique and compelling opportunities.


Over the last two decades, our team has developed relationships with the top investment firms throughout the globe. This is evident in the opportunities we have invested in and the unique investment access we bring to our families.


Our ownership is comprised of our senior team and 14 prominent families whose broad exclusive investment access and diverse operating company experience is unmatched by our peers. Additionally, our Board of Advisors has significant experience leading investments for and operating large family offices and endowments.


Our team utilizes cutting edge technology to enhance our families’ experience. We provide consolidated reporting of all family assets, including monitoring of asset allocation, external investments, cash flows, and performance. These tools also elevate our business to operate with greater transparency and efficiency.

Why The Multi-Family Office platform has rapidly become the most sought-after model for prominent families

High net worth and ultra-high net worth families desire true independent fiduciary advice and investment access that traditional platforms can’t provide

  • Client assets have left traditional wealth management firms at a rate of 4.5% per year since the financial recession. The majority of these assets are going to independent advisors and multi-family offices
  • Traditional wealth management firms need not uphold a fiduciary standard and can only provide access to a limited number of internal investment opportunities

Ultra high net worth investors want access to the same asset classes and investment strategies as institutions and large single-family offices without excessive fees and conflicts of interest

  • Traditional channels can charge up to a 2.5% placement fees and a 1% annual management fee to access leading alternative managers
  • Multi-family offices like Legacy Knight act as true fiduciaries providing independent, objective advice and investment selection

Big data and advanced analytics are transforming the industry and leveling the playing field

  • Advanced technology and data aggregation tools allow multi-family offices to provide the same sophisticated analysis and advice as much larger traditional advisory businesses
  • Sophisticated families now expect their advisors to have the same level of technical sophistication and ease of access that they receive from leading tech companies like Amazon and Netflix

Multi-family offices are uniquely positioned to provide the most value to high net worth and ultra-high net worth families

  • Established institutional relationships, advanced technology platforms, and experienced investment staff allow multi-family offices to provide access to superior investment opportunities across sectors and asset classes
  • Multi-family offices like Legacy Knight have deep investment experience and relationships across the booming alternative investments space that families today expect to access for their core portfolios